Susan Curington
Views of the Natural World



I am in love with - smitten by - Nature.

I thrill at light dancing through a backlit leaf or flower petal or the radiance of a butterfly wing. Hundreds of vivid and subtle hues of color and luminosity surprise me.  Like many people are touched by hearing music, I am deeply moved by color - sometimes near tears - with heartbreaking gratitude or giddy exhilaration.

Close observation of Nature is the best part about painting for me.  Being still and seeing deeply; taking time to fall in love with what I see. Savoring an intimate connection with Creation. The graceful curve of a flower petal, the myriad shades of green in a single leaf, the unexpected shape of the horizon line all inspire me.

I am third generation, living on and caring for my rural wooded land-seeing the stars at night, hearing the coyotes yipping, watching the seasons shift. Some particular trees I have known since childhood. My heart’s passion for creativity is a direct connection to the power and mystery of the larger force that surrounds all of us. My hope is that my art communicates the intimacy, vitality, aliveness, and lusciousness of Nature.